About Me


I’m Dr Linda Berman. I’m a writer, artist and psychotherapist. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy.

Before my retirement I was a registered psychoanalytical psychotherapist with UKCP.

My first degree is in English Language and Literature.

My book, Beyond the Smile:The Therapeutic Use of the Photograph (Routledge) was about the importance of photographs in people’s lives and in psychotherapy.


I gained a PhD., researching into the effects on survivors of telling the Holocaust story and, after I retired, I achieved a first class BA (Hons) degree in fine art.

My passions are writing, painting, language, and blogging. My special interests are psychoanalysis, psychological freedom, diversity and inclusion and creative thinking.

As a psychotherapist, I worked in various settings, privately and in a busy NHS psychotherapy unit in Manchester as a principal psychotherapist.

I’ve also had years of therapy myself.

My experience of working for Relate, with individuals and couples, as a counsellor and supervisor, together with a psychotherapy training, has taught me much about the unconscious, relationships and how people feel and think. I have read widely around the subjects I studied.

I’ve worked with and researched extensively the effects of trauma, running groups for women who had been sexually abused in childhood and, during the doctoral research, interviewing many Holocaust survivors.

After retirement, when I had more space to think, the time was right to examine the various strands of my working life, in order to integrate them through the process of writing.

My blog, waysofthinking.co.uk, is a gathering together of the knowledge and experience gained over my life and the different aspects of my career.

I’m always learning, though, and I welcome your comments and information.

If you’d like to contact me, send an email to lindaberman at hotmail dot com.